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How Do You View God

How do you view God? As an old man with a beard, a big stick and lots of rules? In reality, He is the most intimate being you could ever spend your life with. When I first heard of God I was so ashamed and scared that I could never think of Him in this way. As in any relationship, spending time with each other you get to know the truth .

That truth is He is love. I wanted the love of God, but would He really love me once He saw all of me? I found out that He would and so much more! He wants to fulfill every relationship in our life so we can experience life, in all areas, in a way that is healthy and whole.

As we begin to surrender our lives more and more to Him, we will find that we could bring back to Him our love, not only a little bit, but a lot! In the bible in the Song of Songs 6:5 He says, “Turn your eyes away from me, they overwhelm me…” Overwhelm Him with my love, that’s incredible! If we enjoy earthly relationships when they are deep, why not with our God?

He is the safest one to go to anywhere, anytime. Why not try it?