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Saved by Grace through Faith

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, we get caught up in all the things we feel we should be doing and the things we shouldn’t be doing. We put so much pressure on how we are performing, how we are measuring up to others or even how inadequate we feel before a perfect God. And quite frankly it’s exhausting.

Today I was looking at the house full of chores I had to get done, I was thinking of the people I was hoping to see and though I read a chapter of my Bible, I didn’t feel I’d been very intentional with God. As I began to work I listened intently to a playlist on youtube, what proceed was many Christian medleys of classic songs I grew up with. Songs that focused on the goodness of Christ and how incredible our God is and I found myself lost in worship. I wasn’t thinking about all the things I was or wasn’t doing, I wasn’t thinking how bad I was at something or if someone else was doing it better. All I was doing, all I could do, was to surrender my frustration and my doubts, my worries and fears and lay them down before Jesus who took it all to the cross.

It’s not about what we’ve done or even could do, it’s all about what he’s done on our behalf, so that all we can do is accept his perfect free gift of grace. We could spend a lifetime earnestly seeking and doing his will and it still wouldn’t be enough. How freeing is it knowing that victory is based on his accomplishments and not our own. If it were, we could become so boastful in our own achievements that we would cease to have the need for anyone else. We were never created to do things alone, we were created to have relationships. We were created to have relationship with God. To walk with him daily by our side.

Application :
Next time you’re tempted to think you’re not quite cutting it as a Christian, remind yourself that Christ’s finished work on the cross is enough for you. Refocus on giving him all the praise and glory for it. It’s so liberating knowing you’re not in control 😉