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Identity Part 2

Losing things is never fun! The amount of times I lose things is shameful, simply trying to find my keys each morning can add half an hour to my day. Then there are things you can choose to lose/give away, things you’ve outgrown, general things you just know take up brain space you need for more important things (Like where your keys are!).

Giving up the things we now know aren’t good for our Spirit anymore and putting off our old nature can be hard. Sometimes things just drop off, and we lose the desire for them completely, some things are a bit harder to let go of. The best way to break a habit and avoid temptation is by renewing our mind with God’s word and through conversation with him. Making the time for God means that we fill up our time we once would have filled with doing not so productive things. Through reading the word, we fill our mind with His truth and our faith tank is filled.

I know sometimes we don’t always “feel” like the bible is speaking directly into our immediate circumstance, but you’re Spirit stores it up for the next time it is needed. The more we fill our mind with the truth of God’s word, the more we will see it out working in our lives. As a new creation in Christ, the Spirit enables us to declutter the things of our old nature, so we can have room for our new nature to thrive.

Thank Jesus that you can consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Him as your Lord, for whose sake you have lost all the things. You can consider them rubbish, that you may gain Christ, and be found in him. (Philippians 3:7-9)