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  • Prayer request

    That all the fear and panic, trauma symptoms I've had my whole life are now healed.
    That these symptoms are no longer constantly triggered by my neighbours, their music and their pets. That I know what peace, love, contentment, security, is. That I can sleep well, feel safe and know what being relaxed actually is. That I now find my home to be a sanctuary - a good place to be - not a place I dread coming home to and even cry as I have no where else to go and no one to help me. Even trying to sell the house hasn't worked.

  • Healing prayer

    Please pray for the healing of my husband and myself in our chronic illness
    God Bless.

  • God's Compassion and Love

    I am currently struggling financially, and I don’t know how I’ll even pay my cellphone bill. I’m a full-time student in college, and I need God’s help. Please pray that the Lord will pour out His grace and compassion over me at this time. Pray that God will reveal to me the depths of His extravagant love. Pray for God’s kindness and blessing over my life during this time. Pray that God will provide for me and bless me in every area of life: in college, in my health, in my finances, spiritually, and every other area. Pray that God will provide the finances I need to get through this time, and that He will provide the money to pay all the bills and expenses. But more than anything, I want to know His love. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Prayer Please

    Please I need prayer for healing for my health and I am having a terrible time with anxiety.



  • Last week I had the beginnings of of what would have been a dreadful flu/cold, I was physically exhausted 30mins after waking up in the morning and it wouldn't subside throuout the day, I started to get the sniffles and sneezes 3 days later, it looked to be the beginning of an awful week. However after reciving prayer my syptoms were all gone, PRAISE GOD! And even though in the mornings when I woke or in the evenings as I was going to bed I felt myself tempted to belive that I wasn't healed I chose to stand on the word of God and believe His Truth, I continued to praise God for the healing I have recieved and the sympotms stayed away. HIS WORD NEVER RETURNS VOID!!! AMEN!

  • I thank you God for my family and how you have brought us all closer togethor.
    You are an amazing God and all our strength comes from you.

    Glory To God