Kenya Mission.

In 2005 Christopher Chetland visited Kenya for the first time, he was particularly struck by the poverty and hardship for so many of these lovely people. He saw women carrying heavy loads with men walking alongside so he resolved to do something about it.

But he lost all contact information although he still had the picture of these women carrying heavy loads in his mind. Then in 2011, he found a slip of paper in the pocket of a jacket he hadn’t worn since coming home from Kenya, the scrap paper had an email address on it.

That resulted in renewing the dream of helping displaced women and those suffering from domestic violence and struggling single mums. The decision was made to buy a house and set it up as a women’s refuge. In 2015 the present location was purchased for 2.4 million Kenya shillings (approx $37,000) and renovation work began. In 2016 we were able to help our first family comprising of mum (Naomi) and five children. For each guest, we supply a room with bedding and basic necessities plus we pay for the schooling of the children for 3 months while the mums are sorting their lives out. After a few months, Naomi was able to secure an excellent job with a bank in Nairobi which enabled her to moved on with her children.

Currently, all our facilities full, so we are looking to purchase the property next door for future expansion. Our budget for this will be in the vicinity of $130,000. We have also joined with the Orphanage, “Mission in Action” which currently has over 100 children aged from newborn to 17 years which is in need of help.